How does it Work?

Shipping Label Converter Page

As a registered users you can find this page under the 'Members Area'. This is where you would upload/drag-drop your Amazon 'PackageLabels.pdf' (or whatever name your browser chooses to) file.

Product Label Converter Screenshot

Step-by-step Screenshots

Getting Ready To Convert

Once you have selected your 'PackageLabels.pdf' file for upload, it will display the file in the upload area.
Next you can proceed to click the 'Generate Formatted Labels' button.

Product Label Converter Screenshot - Step 1

Transforming Your File

After you clicked click the 'Generate Formatted Labels' button the conversion process will start.
A simple progress screen would appear to let you know that the process is on!
Based on the type and size of selected PDF file, the process may take a few seconds to a few minutes.

Product Label Converter Screenshot - Step 2

Success Page

When the conversion process is complete, a small notification message in green color would appear in the top-right corner of the browser.
A link 'Download Fomatted PDF' would appear which you can use to get the generated PDF.

Product Label Converter Screenshot - Step 3

End Result – A nicely formatted 4×6 .PDF

Open the file in your favorite (or default) .pdf viewer and print!
You might want to select the 'fit to screen' option on print dialog to perfectly center the label depending on your printer and PDF software. We recommend Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Product Label Converter Screenshot - Last Step